Final Pre Camp Information

In a short time you will be out in Lanzarote getting stuck into 7 days of great training and hopefully great weather. Club La Santa is such a fantastic place to train and relax. From the moment you arrive you will feel the stress of your normal busy life start to disappear, but your motivation to train will increase massively. This is helped by the perfect training environment, beautiful weather, stunning scenery and plenty of like minded people. 

The Programme for the camp

  • I have gone paper free so the programme for the camp will be available via the coaching platform Final Surge that I use in all my coaching.
  • Shortly you will receive a coaching invitation from Final Surge (maybe check your spam folder) 
  • You need to follow the link and accept me as your coach – don’t worry its just for the camp 😎
  • Once you have done this you should be able to see the outline plan for the camp.
  • You can download the App to your mobile phone so you will have access to your training all the time
  • During the camp introduction meeting I will run through how this platform works but its great, simple and free for you to use!
  • Please remember that this is also a holiday so non of the training is compulsory.
  • The programme set so far is just a draft and may change. Distances and durations are a bit vague as the aim is to cater for everyones needs and abilities.

Remember to bring:

  • something warm for bike rides as the weather can change quickly and it can be cold on top of the hills. Ideally bring a gilet, light weight rain jacket, arm and leg warmers etc
  • something warm for the evenings and mornings and after sessions as it can be cold.
  • make sure your bike is in good working order.
  • bike helmet – it is Spanish law to wear a helmet
  • bike spares – inner tubes etc – you need to be self sufficient on your bike and not rely on others
  • energy drinks and bars -Nutrition can be bought at Club La Santa so you can save on your luggage allowance – but is a bit more expensive. 
  • wetsuit – if you want to do the open water swim session.
  • swim toys – I have some pull buoys and kick boards reserved at Club La Santa but if possible bring your own
  • sun cream


  • It is a windy Island so it is strongly advised not to have deep section wheels

Staying Hydrated and fuelled – With the help of Precision Fuel and Hydration

  • We are very excited this year in partnership with Precision Fuel & Hydration to be able to bring something new, exciting and incredibly important to your your training and racing! Through education, product testing, and understanding individuals hydration and fuelling needs our aim is that everyone on the camp will leave having a hydration and fuelling strategies unique to them! One thing in long distance racing that lets people down more than anything else is getting there hydration and fuelling wrong! This can be in the lead up to a race or in the race! Click on logo below for full information
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