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Replacing the sodium you lose in your sweat is crucial to maintaining your performance. Precision Hydration offer a range of electrolyte supplements in different strengths to match how you sweat. I’ve been using PH for years and it always made a massive difference to my performance, especially in Kona.   Take PH’s free Triathlon Sweat Test to get a personalised hydration plan that you can then refine in training and get in touch with me for a special Triliving discount code if you want to pick some up.  


Snugg is the market leader in individually tailored triathlon wetsuits. Each Snugg suit is tailor made to your specific body shape.
There unique tailoring service coupled with Snuggs exclusive Buoyancy Control System ensures your wetsuit perfectly enhances your individual swimming ability.
The importance of a correctly fitting triathlon wetsuit cannot be understated: a suit that is too tight may restrict breathing and certain movement. A suit too loose and you will be carrying an excess of water. Reducing your speed considerably.

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Bonza Bike Box is the newest and latest bike box travel case to hit the UK. With the growth in the cycling and triathlon market place, with increased demand and limited access to supply, the team at Bonza Bike Box have the answer. Perfect for holidays, training camps, commuting to an event or competition. Bonza Bike Box know how to keep your bike safe no matter what the journey.

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RxSport is your one stop shop for all your eyewear needs. They specialise in prescription eyewear and can provide prescription solutions for Oakley, Rudy Project and Bolle to name a few. They stock a wide range of brands and styles suitable for both sport and lifestyle.
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