Bespoke Coaching Plans

Utilising the Final Surge training platform to allow clear delivery of the programme and a seamless 2 way coach / athlete relationship. 
This allows for:
  • An Individually tailored plan to suit the athletes needs. Taking into consideration:
    • Level of fitness
    • Atletes goals
    •  Types of events training for
      • Short, Middle or Long distance Triathlon
    • Time available
    • Family / Work / social commitments
    • to work alongside existing club and group training sessions where possible
  • training is set every 4 weeks
  • athletes diary and feedback must be kept up to date so that training can be set most effectively.
  • contact via email or Xhale chat can be made as much as necessary.

Prescribed Training Using the Final Surge Platform


The Training Calendar

The Triliving training calendar gives a simple overview of all sessions coming up. But clicking on any session will give detailed information about the session. Information includes time and and distance, description, training zones,  paces, power etc.

Integrating with technology

The Final Surge platform will collect data from your Garmin or Tom Tom to enable everything to be stored in one location and can be viewed by both athlete and coach

and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings


Athlete Feedback

After every session the athlete needs to add feedback from the sessions. It is this feedback that can then be used by both the athlete and coach to track how things are progressing, it keeps the coach informed of how the sessions have gone so allowing for better future prescription of sessions. The more the coach knows the athlete the better they can help

Final Surge App

With the final Surge App you will be able to access your training while on the move.



Initial set up fee: £75

Every 4 weeks: £110 or 125€

*Minimum sign up period 3 months

For more information send me a message on WhatsApp