Understanding your Hydration and Fuelling needs

As well as providing world-class training facilities and coaching, we wanted to make sure you’re getting the best advice on what you should be eating and drinking during key sessions. 

So, we’ve teamed up with Precision Fuel & Hydration to provide you with education, tools and products to ensure you’re staying optimally fuelled and hydrated. 

Why should you personalise your hydration strategy? 

Maintaining sodium levels in your blood is crucial to performance and that’s a major reason why personalising your hydration strategy could really help you improve your performance. Everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat (this is largely genetically determined) – from as little as 200mg of sodium per litre to more than 2,000mg/L – so a one-size-fits-all approach to hydration simply doesn’t work. 

Book your Advanced Sweat Test

To understand your own personal sweat sodium losses and begin to refine your hydration strategy for whatever you’re training for, Ron from Precision Fuel & Hydration will be offering 

Advanced Sweat Tests at a reduced price of £80 during the week of your camp (RRP £99.99). 

We recommend booking your time slot for an Advanced Sweat Test before the camp using this booking link

How much fuel do you need to maintain your performance? 

Alongside hydration, it’s clearly important to make sure you’re eating enough to maintain your energy levels during training and races. When it comes to powering high intensity endurance exercise, carbohydrate is the main source of fuel used by your body, so it will be worth using the Quick Carb Calculator to help get a clearer picture of how much you should be aiming to consume to perform at your best..

Hydration and fuelling webinar

Precision Fuel & Hydration Head of Customer Service and former elite level age-group triathlete James Phillips will be hosting the webinar ‘How to hydrate and fuel your triathlon’ on Friday 4th March to give you an introduction to the best practices for triathletes, as well as an insight into how to get the most out of the Precision Fuel & Hydration products on camp. . 

James will then host a Question and Answer session on Thursday 10th March so you can ask any burning questions you might have and to help ensure you go away from the camp with a clear understanding of your own personal needs.  

Precision Fuel & Hydration products on camp

You’ll receive the following products to help you stay fuelled and hydrated on camp:

  • 1 x tube of PH 1500 – this is 3x stronger than most electrolyte drinks on the market and is the ideal strength for preloading to help ensure you start sessions optimally hydrated. Learn more about preloading
  • 4 x PF 30 gels – a mild, neutral tasting gel. Each gel contains 30 grams of carbohydrate and they’re the most efficient way to get fuel into your system fast.
  • 1 x PF 90 gel – affectionately known as the jumbo gel, the PF 90 gel uses the same formula as the PF 30 gel but contains 90g of carb per serving. It comes in a large, resealable pouch, perfect for carrying on longer rides and runs, or poolside to use between sets 

Further information

Got questions about your fuelling and hydration? Drop James an email at hello@precisionfuelandhydration.com and he’ll be happy to help.

And don’t forget that all athletes at Tri Living camps can get 15% off their first order of fuel and electrolytes by using the code TRILIVING at the checkout at www.precisionfuelandhydration.com