So its now 2 weeks since Kona IM and just 3 days since returning home. It is true that the bigger and better the trip the harder it is to return back to normality. We did have a fantastic trip, actually I can honestly say it was the best trip we have ever had. So coming home has been hard and not made easier with the jet lag that just seems to leave you wiped out. I really do not know how people do this and then have to go to work the next day! I need to go to work but luckily its from home and I can do it when I am actually awake!

I am sure like me there are many people who have returned home to the cold, dark and slightly depressing weather and as is always the case after IM racing feeling no real motivation to do anything especially training. But now is the time to start to set your new goals for 2016, this will help you get some motivation back and then you need to plan how best to achieve these. For me I think a winter of Cycle cross maybe on the cards and then just looking forward to getting back out to Club la Santa in February for warm weather training. I am thinking that 2016 will see me racing lower key races, this will be partly as I do not see the need or the sense in spending so much money unless there is an ultimate goal at the end. For me this year was all about getting me and the family to Kona. But also I have come to realise that I can be just as satisfied doing a small race as I can a big race, for me my performance is not so much about were I finish but actually how I felt I performed. This year in my eyes I have not performed well and thats simply down to how I have felt when I have raced. I do know the reason for this (well I think I do) and am looking forward to making the necessary changes for next year – Motivation coming back!

I think 2016 will be more about the kids and Dorte’s racing which I am really looking forward too. I am also excited to see how many athletes I can again help achieve their goals in triathlon, how many can I help qualify for Kona 2016?

If anyone is looking for coaching support to achieve your goals please do email me.

Or if you are looking for the perfect prep for your triathlon season maybe look at joining me and my crew at one of our training camps at Club La santa or here at our place in France. See like to training camps