Another day down, which does mean 1 day closer to race day! Good run  this morning with Julie. If I could run that we in the race I may think of turning Pro again! Actually if I could just run as fast as we were on the recovery sections during the race I would be more than happy.

Couple of hours latter and it was down to the pool РI thought I had cracked as felt really tired and contemplated not getting in, but wanted to test my new Skinfit Plasma  race suit РAWESOME, I ended up having my best swim of the year! Its funny how different you can feel once you get started. So the suit was washed out and dried and is now locked away safly for race day. Thanks so much to Ant and Eve at Skinfit UK for getting that and the other kit to me. I may not be the fastest athlete anymore but I definitely feel I have the best kit, which is always a great way to feel.

Day finished with a coffee down at the Shereton hotel overlooking the ocean – hence the photo above.