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September is a great time to visit the Charente maritime region of France, the weather is normally fantastic, the roads are quite and it is just perfect for a late summer get away. So whether you want to join us for some late season training or just want to come for a relaxing holiday we have availability and at very good late season prices.

new poolDuring September I will be putting in some hard training in my final preparation for Hawaii IM so if you want to join me that would be great. But if you just want to take in some easy bike rides and visit some vine yards than we also have plenty to offer.

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2015 Camps – Club La Santa – Lanzarote:


Very excited that an old friend, training partner and awesome athlete of old, Peter Sandvang, will be helping me this year on my Volcano Camp
For people new to the sport and have not heard of Peter his list of achievement is huge, but to mention a few – 3 x ITU Long Distance World Champ (consecutively 1999 to 2001- ) 1st NZ IM 1998, 1st Lanzarote IM 2002.
I think I did beat him once:)



Draft Programme 2013

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Time really is running out to join this camp as accommodation has nearly all gone!

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1st to 11th November 2012 – Club La Santa – Lanzarote

Great way to finish the season – 10 day training Camp followed by the New Lanzarote 70.3 (10th Nov)

10 day relaxed training camp with specific Lanzarote 70.3 preparation

Camp Information

Lanzarote 70.3 Website

To see the Draft Prog 2012 – click here

This is going to be epic!!!

The dates have now been set for the TriLiving Triathlon Training Camps 2012.

Long Distance Training Camp

Volcano Triathlon Training Camp

This year is set to be the best yet.

To see a copy of the programme click here: Final Programme

It has been a great couple of weeks for me out in Lanzarote with 3 different camps, a massive thanks to all who attended from Phoenix Tri Club, Ful on Tri Club and then all on the Long Distance Camp.

But now the count down is really on for the BIG ONE - Volcano Camp 2011

Now I would like to say that I enjoyed it – but to be honest I didn’t – that was just hard! But this was never really about the race as I always knew it was going to be hard, this is the hardest IM in the world and I think finishing it was one of the toughest for me ever. But this was about the journey, about coming back after 15 years to what is the ultimate triathlon in the world, to saver and cherish the experiences and memories. This truly has been an unforgettable time it has lived up to and surpassed everything I could of hoped for.

As far as the race went! the swim was manic, I was on the start line and treading water for 25mins to try to make sure I could get a good start, which I did but it was still pretty scary with the shear volume of people. I got out in 1hr exactly, bit slower than I had hoped for but ok – then onto the bike which I found fairly straight forward and time passed relatively quickly. As I was towards the front of the age group field it was fairly well spread out and so riding at a constant pace was ok and no real packs formed. It was hot and very windy up and back to the turn at Hawi but in general the bike felt well in control and no real issues. But then the run!!!! I know about 1 mile that it was going to be tough as i just had no run legs, and then it is a very long way to go knowing this. Every mile ticked down painfully (and I mean painfully) slowly, I had to resort to walk through aid stations and just think of the finish which did eventually come. Really I had no idea what time I did and Did not see the clock I just needed the line – if I had been asked to guess my run time I would have said over 4 hr – so i was very surprised that it was still 3.40 (it felt so much slower). I knew my prep for this race had not been ideal and I was not as fit as for Lanzarote but I did what I could, I left nothing out there  and I did some serious soul searching.

For all you out there (and I know there are many) who dream of doing Hawaii, do keep that dream, but when you  come remember that this more than just a race – it is the experience of a lifetime one to saver and cherish.

To all the people who have made this possible for me, for all the messages and kind words, for the support and belief, thank you so much. Non of this would have been possible without you.

I will write one more blog today just to finish things off.