It really is funny that when you embark on such a journey as doing an Ironman it alwasy seems a long way away – but then all of a sudden it arrives! I can not belive that I will be taking part in Hawaii IM in less than 12 hours. 15 years after the last time I did it. Am I ready? NO! Are you ever ready? NO! But I am incredibly excited and I must admit fairly nervous. Why am I nervous? not really sure, but I guess I know it is going to be a incredibly hard day, yes I want to race well but I also do want to enjoy it, there is so much that can go wrong and you really do have to hope the Hawaiian gods look down kindly on us! I real I have so many people to thank for helping make it all possible, I do not want to let anyone down. But as i would say to all the athletes I coach – just do your best! that is what I will be doing.

Along with my race I am also very excited to see what happens at the front of the race with the pros – I really belive Julie is going to shock and scare a few people. It really has been awesome spending time with her in her lead up to the race.  I also think Rasmus Henning is going to supprise a few! I do need to support the Danes.

Time to sleep – not sure how thats going to go! Need to be up at 4am.