Triliving Spring Training – Club La Santa

Hi Everyone
The news does not seem to be getting any better at the moment and now that the UK has gone back into lockdown until at least the 8th of March means that athletes from the UK are not going to be able to make my Long distance camp and who knows what is going to happen here in France or in Lanzarote! This obviously makes planning and organising training camps very difficult!  But I am not going to let this beat me as I need to believe things will improve and I need to have something to look forward to! Things will get better and when they do I will be ready! 
So this is the plan:

  • From the moment I know CLS is open and I am able to travel I will be there!
  • Once I know what this date is I will set a Triathlon training camp programme published on Final Surge so you can all see it.
  • The programme is likely to be on a rolling 10 day format and means athletes can join and leave as they wish. Keeping travel plans flexible for everyone.
  • I will make the plan suitable for all distances.
  • I don’t know when this can start but I see it running until May and maybe longer! 
  • More info to come so please keep an eye on it.

I hope everyone can hang in there and stay focused and positive!