Triliving Long Distance Training Camp 2020

5th to 15th March 2020

This will be the 11th year of this very successful and popular Long Distance camp.

The Camp for 2020 will follow a very similar format as in previous years and will be again 10 days. This actually means athletes only need to take one more day off work but gives you 3 extra days to train.

This camp is again ideally timed for people to use as a key block of training going into their early IM races or to use it as a Volume block of training for their latter IM races.

In 2010 and 2015 I used this camp as a key period in my preparation for the 2010 and 2015 Lanzarote IM, it really was the perfect timing and I know helped me tremendously to prepare for the race and to go on to qualify for Hawaii.

This camp is ideally aimed at those athletes who do have Ironman or half Ironman distance races planned or for those who just want to enjoy a good 10 days of volume training.

There really is no minimum standard required but it is asked that athletes are realistic to there abilities as the training will be hard and the volume high.

So if you want to escape the worst of the winter at benefit from a key block of training then join me and my team along with the others on the camp for this high volume but very relaxed and informal training camp.
Little emphasis will be placed onto technique and no time spent in the lecture room. However every session will be planned out and explained well in advance so that everyone goes into every session with clear goals and expectations. There will also be plenty of time for informal chat over coffee!

Aims of the camp will be:

  • For a high volume week of training
  • An extra emphasis on the cycling (as this is the hardest one to train for in the Uk winter)
  • To include key race specific Ironman conditioning sessions
  • To work on the Mental toughness required for Ironman
  • To consider good recovery
  • To work on race nutrition and hydration

Camp fee is £220

To see the LD camp Prog from 2019 click here

Click here for: LD camp 2020 Booking form

Please email me if interested in joining this camp to know whether places are still available or to get further information – do not book your flights and accommodation until you are sure you have a space on the camp.

Once confirmed on the camp contact the reservation team at Sports Tours International Tel: 0161 790 9890  email: – ref (Richard Hobson Long Distance camp)- to book accommodation.

See you there if you think you are tough enough!!

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