Thank-you so much for organising another wonderful camp, I loved every minute of it. The people were really nice this year and, as always, we do so much training without realising it because you cleverly break it up.

Thanks a lot for the camp! It’s really what I needed to get away and start working upwards again. Pretty tired but very satisfied now!

Thank you for an excellent experience this week. I ended up at about the right place on the knackered scale, I think. Now for some intense recovery so I can apply the fitness gains in Oceanside, CA, this coming Saturday.

On behalf of Eva and myself may I take the opportunity to thank you both for a well organised and most enjoyable Volcano Camp. As always it was well organised and focussed. Ron and Peter of course added to the usual well informed coaching tips and Camp leadership team so please convey our thanks to them. As always the fun side was of the best level, what a great cross-section of characters the camp seems to attract.

thanks for putting on such an excellent camp. I got loads out of it and have definitely felt stronger on the bike since getting back. also thanks to Ron and Richard for all their help and advice. all being well I will be back next year.