A key philosophy at Tri Living: Everyone can always improve, no matter what age and what ability. I always believe this and as long as the athletes I coach believe this then they will improve.

I have coached and worked with a number of elite and amateur British athletes over the years. The most notable are Julie Dibens, double Olympic and double Commonwealth athlete, and Jodie Swallow, Olympic and Commonwealth athlete.

Private Coaching

Individual triathlon training programme (or general training plan), these training plans are written every 4 weeks and are tailored made to suit specific needs. Each will take into account individuals goals, so whether that is long or short distance, recreational or elite. They take into account time available, evaluate training available with other people/clubs and incorporate into the plan. A good triathlon training plan needs to work in harmony with other aspects of peoples lives, so work, family, social etc this is very important as I believe a major secret to success is enjoyment, and along with that comes satisfaction, achievement and motivation.

12 Week Training Plan
“Are you looking for structure to you training? Or needing direction to move you to the next level? Or are you just needing that extra motivation to get you out the door? If so then maybe this could be just what you need!”

This is a 12 week training plan that is designed individually for the athlete. It will take the athlete through a learning process that on conclusion of the plan will allow the athlete to continue on their own. Following the same format but with a greater understanding of what they need to do and when they need to do it.

Designed individually for you, it will consider:
What you are training for – Sprint / Olympic or Ironman distance
How much time you have available
Where you are starting from – how much training you are doing at the moment.
If you do any of your training with others.
Your life circumstances and fit the training around it, not vice versa

For full information please email Richard.

Bike Training To Power
There is no better way to train on the bike than training to power
If you can increase your power on the bike then you will go faster
Make every bike session specific
Save time
Enjoy the motivation that comes with seeing the improvement

For full information please email Richard.