Today was special.

Beautiful morning that we set out to swim the IM course. The plan was to start together with Dorte, Oliver, Oscar and Mette but then at the 1km point only myself and Oliver would continue out to the 1.9km half way.  When we got there there was no one else so it was very calm but then we were joined by a pod of about 50 dolphins that just seemed to want to be around us, some entertained us with there flips and spins and others just happy to swim within a meter of us. Its something very special and to share it with Oliver made it even more special but a little disappointed that oscar and Dorte were not there. Fingers crossed that we can be in the right place again and all of us can be there and we have a camera. We ended up been in the water for 1hr 45 Рhopefully I will swim faster in the race !!

Latter in the day Dorte and the boys had beach and surfing time

Oscar waiting for a big wave

while I went back to the energy lab (as I love it in there so much) with Stu Andersen to run a few laps testing out out new kit.

energy lab 2 energy lab 4








What can I say except this is the nicest kit I have ever had. So massive thanks to Richard Melik at Team Freespeed for sorting it out and also a massive plug for the brand Cuore that made it.