Another beautiful day here in Kona. Good night sleep followed by a bit of swimming / biking / running and even shopping! But not in that order.


Heading out on the bike course with Charlie and Alain – 2 really motivated fast but chilled athletes. Think I best stay at the back for this bike ride:)

One thing that I have really come to realise is that this race for me is not so much about what happens in the race but about the journey to get here and then been able to share the journey with friends and family. I am fit and I do want to race well but this would just be the icing not the cake of what I hope will be an awesome experience.  So this next photo is one for my boys 🙂 special memories

Bubba Gump

Heading out tomorrow morning for what I have been promised will be an easy bike ride with Jodie Swallow – I know Jodie quite well and I also know that her easy is not quite the same as my easy!! But anyway it will be a great chance to catch up with her. Just for the record I will not be doing all of what she has planned.

Oh look its 8.30 – my bed time 🙂