So after just over 50 hours of travelling I did arrive safe and sound and very happy to see fellow freespeed team mate Charlie waiting to collect me at Kona airport. Even better my bike turned up safe and sound as well, which I was really not expecting!

To me Kona is a strange place and its hard to put my finger on why I think its strange, its not a place I would come for a holiday, its not a place I would come to train, its not even a place I would do any other race – but its special and it lovely to be back. 20150928_081320    Dig me beach – water this year is 2 or 3 degrees warmer than previous years

20150928_081934Freespeed team now up to 3 – 4 more to arrive – just a coincidence we all have the same blue seventy swim trunks

20150928_091921 The thing I had been most looking forward too – Breakfast at Huggo on the rocks looking out on the swim course.