5 years ago I came back to Kona after a 15 year gap and posted a daily diary (I think they call this a blog nowadays) but thought it would be fun to do the same this time around. I am planning to keep it short and promise to not include photos of food or sunsets!

So day 1 has not quite gone according to Plan as I have not actually made it to Kona yet! I managed to miss my connection in LA. I had 3 hours to get about 400m but never made it! The que for the customs was like been in Disney World but without thrill of the ride at the end! To make the time pass quicker you do get the PA announcement every 5 mins – Welcome to America 🙂

But anyway things could always be worse – we could loose the Rugby to Wales.

Thought it maybe fun this time around to include some photos of days of old, photos that mean something quite personal and special to me.Hawaii 1994 - waterworld


This was from Hawaii 1994 – descending down from Hawi. In the background is the set from the Kevin Costner Classic! Waterworld – I remember hearing gun fire and explosions as you biked by as they were shooting a scene. Not looking so windy that day.