Great day today as a lot of friends have now turned up and I bumped into them all down at the swim this morning – guess this really is one of the things that makes this race so special – it is a chance to catch up, to see people you have not seen for years! Normally I would look forward to a race been over – this time I really am not as it will be the end of such an exciting and  special journey. But less about that as I am a believer in living for today (guess that why i called my company TriLiving!) and really enjoying the moment – we have some really special days coming up and I am afraid the race for a few days will take the back seat. Tomorrow AM is going to be Stu Andersens Stag do – starting with swimming the IM course (we really know how to party) but then some SUP “Stand Up Paddleboard”. PM my family arrive and I am so looking forward to that.

Photo of the day! As we sat in Lava Java having coffee this police car pulled up with lights flashing – out got a triathlete who had obviously had a mechanical out on the highway so got a lift home ! How cool is that!