Oh my god the race is really getting close now – but just to keep the nerves in order and a check on reality it was the day of the Underpants Run!! Not really sure how this came into being but it has become quite massive now!

I would like to say how embarrassing is that, but actually it was not! Although I do try to think how I would of felt when I was 10 years old if I was made top run down a street with my 45 year old dad wearing underpants!! Sorry kids.

After this excitement it really was time for some relaxation as today was suppose to be my rest day and I had just run 2km! So we headed off to spot Dolphins atĀ  Kealakekua Bay- this is the place that Captain Cook was killed by the Hawaiians back in the 17th Century – seemingly as along with all the gifts they also brought syphilis, measles and other diseases that the Hawaiians had no natural immunity to.

Needless to say the dolphins were hiding so did not get to see any

In the evening it was the pre race briefingĀ  / dinner which is always quite amazing that they can cater so so any so smoothly. A bit long but as always quite entertaining.