So things already have not quite gone to plan! Sitting at Bordeaux Airport waiting for my flight to Luton UK so I can start the trip to Kona for real – Announcement that they do not know when the flight is going to arrive – or even if it is going to arrive!! Not good and slightly sh**ting myself as if I do not get to UK I do not get my flight to Kona and not sure Easy jet are going to sort out my onward travel should I not make it!! Fingers crossed.

Anyway it sort of gives me a bit of time to think about the adventure ahead of me and write a bit for the daily blog that I plan to write.

Guess I need to set the scene a bit too why I am going out to Kona some 3 weeks before the race, and really it is not because I am just a lucky old EX Pro athlete who still get to fly around the world just when I feel like it for races or training camps. I only wish this was true and after reading the last issue of 220 mag I know there are people who believe it –but let them believe as it more fun that way!!  . The reality is that I have been asked to go out by Julie Dibens (athlete I use to coach) and help her prepare for the race. Not really sure what I would call my role but I think general dogs body would be the best description, so it will be a bit as a coach a bit as a training partner “that’s if I can keep up” and then probably a lot of just as I said general dogs body stuff. But I am not complaining as it is a great opportunity and I am really looking forward to the whole experience.

My training has not really been quite as good as I hoped over the last few months (but then to be honest if never does) but I am just really looking forward to the whole Kona experience, I plan to enjoy it as a age grouper, with no expectations just a chance to be part of something truly great – this is not how I experienced it as a Pro!

Good news they think the flight is coming – need to go to gate – hope it’s not just the normal plan of keeping us moving in an attempt to make people believe something is going to happen!

Day 2

All good, they found our plane and actually got to the Uk only a little behind schedule, also during that time of uncertainty it got me talking to some guys who were just on there way back from some wine tasting. Turns out one of the was going to be driving very close to Heathrow (where I needed to get to from Luton) and he gave me a lift. Saved me loads of time and hassle and restored my faith in the fact there really are a lot of very nice people out there. So thanks Mike that was really kind.

So I now am on a very new looking United airlines flight to LA and then Kona with my bike in tow, hopefully as it would have nearly have been cheaper to buy a new one than what the airline charges to bring it.

Now I am just thinking of that sudden rush of warm air as the plane door gets opened in Kona followed instantly by the sweat “how charming” – this is what stands out most from when I last arrived in Kona 15 years ago. Let’s hope the bike sessions I have done with the hair dryer strapped to the front of my tri bars blowing hot air have really paid off. Not quite sure it is ready to patent but Dynamo powered hair dryer – fast you ride the hotter the air.