Yep that was a good days training and yep I am knackered now!

Up at 5am – 25km run at race pace or faster, to be honest it was all way faster than my race pace but a great session, I would like to tell you all about it but it was some of Julies secrete training so if I told you I would have to kill you! Did take us down into the pits of the energy lab – the most feared part of the run course and often the end to an athletes dreams!! We came out today unscathed, lets hope it’s the same on race day! It was then straight to the pool where i thought I was just going to sit on the side and contemplate life until Rasmus Henning shouts over – ” hey I hear you are racing” to which I answer “yep better watch out” to which he said “well don’t you think you should do some training then” So I got in a did 1km.  Couple of hours latter and it was an easy 1hr 30 bike followed by another run at race pace or faster on the treadmill – not me I  sat and drank a diet coke watching out for dolphins! 3pm and we were all done for the day. Did bump into somebody called Crowie just after Julie had finished running on the treadmill, she knows him quite well and i think he maybe quite good!! he said that people should not be doing any panic training at this stage as it was to late – that really does mean that I am screwed as panic training was what I am relying on, What does he know!

Oh and to top it all of we still never got to eat pancakes! Roll on tomorrow and we get a lie in to 7am!!

Just realized that as I sit here and write this fairly random dribble that there is a much more important race going on and I am missing it! which actually hurts quite a lot – La Rochelle triathlon with both Oliver and Oscar flying the Hobson flag. Good luck boys, go kick some butt.