They are human after all! Was suppose to be a big day today and I was up ready at 5am, “luckily I am still on french time so getting up early is working well for me” but both Julie and Fraser were feeling a little tired, so the call was made to postpone today’s training and do it tomorrow, which at the time was quite a relief but now as I right this it just means that we have it all to come tomorrow. The other bad things was as there was no big session it also meant there was no big stack of pancakes! But  it did mean that I got to do an easy run, a very easy swim and then a easy 90 mins relaxed bike ride with Fraser. Really was nice to be back on my own bike.

So the photo of the day is really what Hawaii is all about – no not girls, surf!

Oh is that the time, nearly 8pm – time for bed!!!

See you