Sorry no photo today!Should really have put a photo of my Ceepo bike up as it back to full health and awaiting to hit the Hawaii tarmac.

Nothing to much to report as it was an easy day (which for me still means quite a solid day), but it started with a 4.5 km swim in the pool which for me equated to 3.7km – so you can work out how many times I got lapped!! And then in the mid day sun it was a steady 45 min run – what can I say except HHH!

HOT Humid Horrible.

Tomorrow is going to be a bit more interesting – starting at 6am with a 25km run with intervals on the course and down to the Natural Energy lab, followed by easy swim in the ocean  – followed by a massive stack of pancakes (I hope!). Then it is an easy 2 hr bike in the afternoon followed by another run (think I will have to pass on the run).   It is amazing to think that this training is just part of daily life for Pro IM athletes, for me it is fun to do it for a few days, to try to keep up but could I do it day in day out? No. I guess that’s what makes the difference the drive and commitment of these athletes is inspiring and amazing.

Best get to bed as one thing I am better at then the otheres is staying up late – Its  8.30pm and all gone to bed.