36 hours after contact the guys at Ceepo Uk and I already have my new forks – that is just amazing and thanks so much to Mike who sorted that.

And after the ride today I am so looking forward to getting back on my Ceepo.

The Plan today was to ride the course (plus a bit) easy!!! We did 200 km and averaged 35kph! and I was in a total bucketĀ  by the end. I blame the fact that I was not on my own bike, but I guess it did not help that Chris Lieto join us for some of it. But it was an awesome ride.

Julie then went on to run a hour off the bike and I mean run, not the slow shuffle you would see me doing! I opted to sit in the air conditioned car and hand here drinks every mile.

So tomorrow is suppose to be an easy day – lets wait and see!