Great days training today Р1 hr run 1st thing, 3000 yards in the pool and then 60km bike with intervals РI almost feel like a like a pro again! Except that was a really hard day for me, I rarely do 2 sessions a day let alone 3, but for Frazer and Julie that was a relatively  easy day. It really is incredible how hard people are training. The volume of work they can maintain and the motivation to keep doing it is truly inspiring. But for me the most painful part of the day was trying the recovery Ice bath. Julie was in for 10 mins, Frazer in for 10 ins and then my go I could not even stand in it for 30 seconds let alone sit down in it for 10 РI had to add loads of hot water before I could in for just 3 mins! Pathetic.

Photo from pool today. Funny thing that the guy in the middle “Dirk Bockel” spent 4 weeks last summer training 20 mins away from where I live in France and swimming at the local pool there.

So tomorrow is a bit of an epic as we are riding the course, plus wee are staying about 10km away from the courses so its going to be 200Km  Рreally not sure how I am going to cope with that especially as that will be my longest ride in 15 years and I am riding on Julies bike which I really am not to comfy on!! Really do hope I can get my bike sorted soon as I really do love riding my Ceepo,

Oh well lets see how it goes.

6am start – they are all raving mad