So I am now in Kona after what was a pretty good trip over, got picked up at the airport by Julie and Fraser. Great to see them both and has been great catching up with news from the last couple of years. This morning all started great with a 3km swim out on the course. A beautiful morning and I really had forgotten how warm the sea is here and how clear and full of life it is

It is amazing how many people are already here training as it is still just under 3 weeks to race day.

So that was the good start to the day! Got back to the condo to build my bike ready for a easy 1 hr spin to find it had been seriously smashed on the trip over! And yes I had packed it well and I had put something between the forks to stop them been crushed. So have spent a big part of the day trying to get some things sorted! It is amazing that an airline can charge you $200 to get your bike on the plane and they must use it as a door stop! So not good. Luckily Julie has a spare bike here so hopefully I will be able to ride tomorrow while I Keep working o a plan to get mine fixed and the airline to pay for it! Lets hope tomorrow goes a bit better.