So bit of a quiet day today with not to much to report. All I did was a 1hr run at 6.30 this morning to meet up with Julie and Frazer at the pool.  They also had an easy swim and bike followed by a massage. Things really are now starting to wind down as the race get closer, but as the athletes wind down Kona is definitely on the up with noticeably more athletes arriving by the minute. There is an excitement, I guess a nervous excitement is a better definition.  Still there are some key sessions to go, these sessions are less about gaining any fitness or conditioning but more about feeling ready to race – sort of the cherry on top of the cake. Soon my family will be on the way and will be so excited to meet them here. We then have something very special as Stuart Andersen (top age group athlete I coach and very good friend) and Mette (my sister in law are getting married on Sunday. If I can not sell the photos to Hello magazine then you will get the exclusive here!!  So really it is going to be all go in the next week or so and the finally will be the race. And that is going to be so exciting! I am excited to be part of it but I am also excited to see how the race pans out for at the front.

stay tuned